The Heart shaped Gua Sha tool is useful for working around every part of the body.  It is one of the most common type of tool because of it's rounded edges and its ease of use:


*  The "heart-end"easily fits around finger, wrist, ankle, elbow and knee joints for slow, targeted massage to decrease pain and inflammation

*  The pointed end is useful for applied pressure ono Acupuncture points or tight muscle and tissue

*  The long curved edges glide easily over large muscles or areas of tissue such as the legs and arms where energy and circulation can become sluggish or trapped

*  It is can easily glide up the neck and be used on the shoulder and shoulder joint to push blood and Qi up to the brain


This tool will be included witih the Intro to Gua Sha Videos -- Creating Your Healing Practice -- COMING SOON!


Price includes shipping and handling in the United States.  As an environmentally conscious company, we do not utilize unnessary packaging that will go into the lndfills.  Each tool comes with a high quality hemp pouch and will be securely padded for shipping.

Heart Shaped Gua Sha Tool

SKU: 002
  • Heart Shaped Bian Tool Measures 3.5" x 2" x 1/8"