The Fish Gua Sha tool is slim and long and is preferred by some for its shape.  With its varied edges, it is useful for:


*  Massaging and accessing several levels of tissue and muscle with the "wavy" edge
"  Applying stationary pressure on pain or Acupressure points with the pointy "nose"

*  Gliding over curved areas with the "tail" edge

*  Swimming over large muscles or tissue to increase circulation and energy with the large smooth edge


Price includes shipping and handling in the United States.  As an environmentally conscious company, we do not utilize unnessary packaging that will go into the landfills.  Each tool comes with a high quality hemp pouch and will be securely padded for shipping.


Fish Shaped Gua Sha Tool

SKU: 004
  • Fish Shaped Bian Gua Sha Tool Measures 4.5" x  1.5" x 1/8"