Learn How to Rejuvenate Your Face and Skin   Naturally Using Facial Gua Sha Protocol

"No Botox" Therapy Featured in Harper's Bazaar and Mind Body Green Lifestyle

This Facial Gua Sha Training video provides step-by-step instructions that show you how to use our Facial Gua Sha Therapy as a daily ritual that will lift, plump and activate the muscles in your face and neck, alleviate pain and stress, and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Address congested lymph and sinuses, headaches, jaw pain, stress and Acupuncture channel stagnation using this comprehensive approach to rejuvenating your skin, face and the quality of your health.

Areas addressed:
*  Cheeks, jaw, mouth, chin and sinuses
*  Eyes, eyebrows, forehead
*  Neck
*  Lymph massage
*  Acupressure points
*  Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Channel theory 

You may use any Gua Sha Facial Tool you currently own to employ the techniques in this video or purchase my Facial Tool in the store.  My advanced training in Chinese Medicine, Gua Sha and Facial Rejuvenation will give you the detailed training and results you are looking for.  Once you purchase this video, you can access it any time to review the protocol as many times as you like.

Please be sure to read the FAQ provided on this site before beginning your Gua Sha practice to learn how to care for your tool and to begin learning the protocol fully prepared.